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Brewsters has been the proud recipient of  The Emerging Artists Residency at Tofte Lake Center in association with The Jerome Foundation and The First Stage Residency through the drama league and and Daniella Caggiano 

First Stage Residency starts tomorrow...

BU Research Arts Initiative. Awarded the maximum amount of 3k for travel to the UK to fund research for this project. Summer 2020


(11F, 13M Characters)

Brewsters is a musical that centers on a group of women in 15th century England who own and operate a successful brewery called The Six Legged Mare. One day, Rebecca, the middle sister, goes to auction and outbids a prominent businessman named JW Sexton. Outraged and bewildered at being outbid by a woman, JW decides to follow her only to learn that she and her sisters, Ann and Emmy are business mavericks of their time. Once JW learns there’s money in beer, he wants in and he wants these women out. He tries many tactics: trying to buy the business, sexual aggression, and taking the Rosendale Women to court for illegally acting as owners of the estate. When all tactics fail, he resorts to naming them as witches. There’s historical context to this play, and evidence that shows that the vilifying of Brew Women is where our modern day vision of witch comes from. The Brewsters made beer in big round vats (cauldron), they wore pointed headpieces sometimes two feet high to stand out in a crowd when selling their wares at the market (the classic pointy ‘witches’ hat), and they often had felines to keep the mice from eating the barley (the black cat) etc. A fictionalized story about a moment in time at a specific brewery but couched in history so that it exists as an informative manuscript and also as a metaphor for the demonization that women in positions of power face.