In 17th century England, when the Rosendale Sisters are put in a compromised economic position, they decide to brew ale as a way to support themselves. Their ale quickly becomes the most sought-after drink catapulting them to a position of independence and power. Only, as their success grows it creates unwanted competition for the only other long established but mediocre tavern in town setting off a chain of events landing them in the cross hairs of a malignant culture of witch naming slowly infiltrating the land.

Brewsters has been the proud recipient of  The Emerging Artists Residency at Tofte Lake Center in association with The Jerome Foundation and The First Stage Residency through The Drama League with Daniella Caggiano, The Sappho Project W*rk Lab, and the Boston University Research Arts Initiative 

First Stage Residency starts tomorrow...

BU Research Arts Initiative. 

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