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LUSCIOUS LIPS: A one-act reality drama

(1F, 1M)

45 Minutes 

When Jo, an up and coming journalist is on her way to the movies, a random man in the street, Mike shouts to her making a lewd gesture. Hungry for a story, she decides catcalling will be her next subject. Jo sets out to interview Mike and other men to better understand why they do it. However, as she gets more entrenched in the project her goal starts to shift and she begins trying to change him. Jo tries to explain what the experience is like for women in hopes that he might alter his conduct.  Mike defends his stance whole-heartedly until the end, when his behavior takes a turn that shakes him to his core, forcing him to reexamine who he thinks he is and the root of entitlement behind those ‘harmless’ words. Luscious Lips is a one-act reality drama exploring the motivation and impact of catcalling, male privilege, and the female experience. It’s termed a one-act reality drama because it combines found dialogue, recorded nonfiction interviews and fictionalized characters and story. 

Development History


Dixon Place, Main Stage Production 

​Except produced by FEAST: A Performance Series


Site Specific  Rehearsal for Luscious Lips with Director, Daniella Caggiano

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