Set in a quaint town in England, Reborns takes a kaleidoscope look into the lives of several separate but interconnected individuals as they struggle with connection, loss, and attachment. Terry, a 56-year-old woman becomes attached to a reborn, a life like silicone doll that looks and feels just like a reborn baby. Moonbeam Jo, a spirited young woman and aspiring ASMR artists searches for her birth mother. Archie, 63, an emotionally limited man invests himself in sports and cars instead of the intimacy of his marriage. These characters link up in an a-symmetrical way to create a tapestry aimed at examining why we gravitate towards less complicated relationships and how to we imbue inanimate objects with meaning and in doing so does it change their inherent value. 

Development History

Developed at Boston University in The MFA Playwriting Program with mentorship from Melinda Lopez, Ronan Noone and Kirsten Greenidge. This play has only seen preliminary invite only readings.