Based on a true story. Ravi Dharun attempts to live stream Tyler Clementi, his gay roommate in an intimate moment with another man. When Tyler learns of this he takes his life on the George Washington Bridge. The entire play is written in Shakespearian verse exploring the inherent tragedy between these two individuals and the cultural frame work that its imbedded in.


Scene II

New Jersey.  Rutgers University.  Dormitory room of TYLER CLEMENTI and DARUHN RAVI.



            How do you find this strange and foreign land?



            The corybantic games have just begun!

            The drinks the merriment it’s all so new.                                                                  

            It casts my body flinging to and fro,

            Though I attempt to bench it sleepy still.








         Nothing. It’s just that I feel unsure.



        You are shy I take it, but cast that off !



            It is a queer meal for me to digest.

            What class, What club, What brotherhood to choose;

            I flounder as I navigate the stream.

            I feel as though I have been plucked and placed

            Abound a vast and unforgiving sea.

            Which hereto shifts my stance before I can

            Grip my toes to the inconsistent earth.



            Come, come thou thespian make not me laugh!

            But since you play the part of dramatist,

            You might consider trying on that role!



            You jest, Dharun, in sooth my face is long,

            And longs for simpler times before in school.


           And yet, tis true, more under watchful eye,

            To spread my wings and let my colors fly.



            O, rush aside these lily-liverd nerves.

            If you shrink small, I will in turn grow large.

            If you tremble fast, I will hold you still.

            When you are lost, I’ll search the campus wide.

            And when your mind frosts ‘ore with ashen clouds, 

            Of misgiving doubt and homesick tear blues,

            A drink, we’ll grab, to sail the torrent seas,

            As a blood bound brother fleet now are we. 



            Assured words bring comfort to mine ears,

            And yet I’ve known you for so split a spell.



          Prey, tell me if I’m wrong, rewrite my words.

          An itching in my brow tells onto me,

          You’ve made another special friend or two? 



        I do not know the meaning of your words,

        Some meetings have I made with peers, ‘tis true.

       If that speaks your meaning, ‘tis not remiss.



            Tyler, I live betwixt these walls as well. 

            These things you cannot hide under fresh soil.

            The wet, raindrops will quickly wash away;

            To show what men are buried now below.