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Written by Cayenne Douglass
Directed by Alex Keegan

March 5th - 17th at The Flea Theater








Cayenne Douglass, Playwright/Producer

Director, Alex Keegan

Line Producer, Leigh Honigman

Set Designer, Frank Olivia

Lighting Designer, John Salutz

Sound Designer,  Eliot Yokum

Costume Designer, Stephanie Mae Fisher

Projection Design, Taylor Edelle Stuart

Technical Director, Eric Emerick

Stage Manager, Callie Stribling

Production Manager, Thalia Lopez

Assistant Stage Manager/Run Crew, Cat Gillespie

Intimacy Director, Daniella Caggiano

Associate Director, Sarah Shapiro

FOH/Box Office, Bianca Obi 

PR - Emily Owens 

*For press inquiries please contact Emily Owens at


Maiden Voyage charts the first all-female patrol aboard a US submarine. We are spectators in these women’s lives, until mechanics and interpersonal relationships go awry. Motivated by a subconscious need to overcompensate for gender inequality The Captain slowly chips away at her integrity in order to have a successful mission. This play explores the intersection between opportunity and marginalization and the mimicry of maleness to get ahead.

Accessibility: There will be 2 accessible aisle seats held per show with 2 companion seats. If you require one of these seats (or a pair) please email with the subject line "ATTN: Accessibility Ticket" in the subject line after booking so we can prepare for your visit. 

Trigger Warning: This play addresses issues of rape, suicide, and domestic violence. Please prioritize your mental health and if you have more specific questions that need answering before your purchase please contact with the subject line "ATTN: Trigger Warning". Please note we are unable to respond to emails within less than 48 hours.

Presentation of this work is made possible with the support from The NYC Women's Fund for Media, Music, and Theatre by the City of New York Foundation for the Arts and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Creative Engagement Grant.

Summer 2024

Sloan Project Commission Due

SYNOPSIS: In 1954 Marie Tharp, a geophysicist and cartographer, makes a revolutionary discovery only for it to be dismissed by co-worker, Bruce Heezen as “girl talk”. Eventually, ‘substantiated’ by a male scientist, Heezen repairs his rift with Marie, and an unconventional relationship forms between them, for just like the scars of the ocean floor, division has the power to reveal the truth of who we are.

Summer 2024 

Reading: Some Body Will Pay: An Abortion Horror Play 

Parity Productions

What People Are Saying?


Boston Playwrights' Theatre Talks: a tiny q &a 

Sappho Project Meet The W*rk Lab's Cayenne Douglass

Adam Szymkowitz "1000 Playwrights" 


Visible Soul in their column "People You Should Know" 

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NY Times Reviews: EST One Act Marathon, Series B

Excerpt: If you think of the latest edition of Ensemble Studio Theatre's annual Marathon of one-act places as a five-course dinner, it makes sense that the program opens with a tasty hors d'oeuvre like Susan Kim's "Privilege," and concludes with a filling dessert in Cayenne Douglass' "Oh My, Goodness" 

Click HERE ro read the full article 

Louisville Arts: Ain't I A Woman Festival 

Excerpt:  "The more personal drama of Emily, in which a couple struggles to move both literally and figuratively after a tragedy, was one of the best performances of the evening; the writing and the acting merging effectively."

Click HERE ro read the full article 

Time Square Chronicles: Sometimes You Discover Something Marvelous

by Suzanna Bowling

Excerpt: "This play is so touching, so real and so heartbreaking. Ms. Douglass is a profound playwright with an old soul. She spoke of depression and loss like she had experienced it first hand. I found myself incredibly moved not once, but three different times. Even now the play moves me when I think of it’s message."

Click HERE to read the full article 

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