What's Up Next?

Sept 2020 - June 2021

BMI Musical Theatre Workshop with Adam Mathias and David Spencer

February 2021

Guest Teacher at The International School of Boston with the Massachusetts Young Playwright Project. 

February - March 2021

Theatre Lab Workshop with Adam Gwon

March - April 2021

Sappho Project W*rk Lab Workshop and Reading of Brewsters directed by Daniella Caggiano

Summer TBD 2021

Production of The Architects of Time at The Forge Theatre Lab


Work on my thesis production BEASTS to be produced by Boston Playwrights' Theatre and directed by Kelly Galvin in the 2021-2022 season (pandemic - willing!!!) 

What People Are Saying?


Adam Szymkowitz "1000 Playwrights" 


Visible Soul in their column "People You Should Know" 

Go See A Show Podcast: Interview with the curators & creatives of FEAST. 


NY Times Reviews: EST One Act Marathon, Series B

Excerpt: If you think of the latest edition of Ensemble Studio Theatre's annual Marathon of one-act places as a five-course dinner, it makes sense that the program opens with a tasty hors d'oeuvre like Susan Kim's "Privilege," and concludes with a filling dessert in Cayenne Douglass' "Oh My, Goodness" 

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Louisville Arts: Ain't I A Woman Festival 

Excerpt:  "The more personal drama of Emily, in which a couple struggles to move both literally and figuratively after a tragedy, was one of the best performances of the evening; the writing and the acting merging effectively."

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Time Square Chronicles: Sometimes You Discover Something Marvelous

by Suzanna Bowling

Excerpt: "This play is so touching, so real and so heartbreaking. Ms. Douglass is a profound playwright with an old soul. She spoke of depression and loss like she had experienced it first hand. I found myself incredibly moved not once, but three different times. Even now the play moves me when I think of it’s message."

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