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Debra Morris and Eddie Lopez in a Reading at The Village Playwrights 


(1F, 1M)

10 Minutes 

Having given their baby up for adoption ten months earlier, Matt and Leah have lived through the hardest year of their life. On the eve of their monthly visit with their child and the adoptive parents they confront questions concerning guilt, regret, and grief. The pulse of this play is tempered with an under current of alcohol consumption which makes it unclear as to whether they gave up the baby because they drink or they drink because they gave up the baby. 

Development History:

Boston University Skills Lab

​Produced at "Aint I a Woman" Festival in Louisville, KY

​Reading at ESPA Primary Stages

​Reading at The Village Playwrights


The Gary Garrison National Ten-Minute Play Award, The Kennedy Center: Semi Finalist 2020

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