(1F, 1M)

30 Minutes 

Debra, a woman on the edge drives down a highway in the middle of the night.  She calls a suicide prevention hotline.  The man who picks up, Tom, stays on the phone with her for hours and hours, until daybreak.  At the end of the call Tom reveals that she dialed the wrong number. While initially a shock to Debra, it’s the authenticity of this connection, and the fact that this man, this stranger, stayed present with her when he wasn’t obligated to, that serves as a life-affirming turning point.  That act of random kindness helps Debra begin to believe that there might be some goodness left in the world… perhaps even some for her. 

Development History

EST One Act Marathon 2019 dir. William Carden

Production New Perspectives Theatre Company Women Works: UNHINGED 2017 dir Mary McGinley 

Developed the Woman’s Work Lab at The New Perspectives Theatre Company New Perspectives Theatre Company.